Advanced Analytics

Chi-Square Analysis

We make use of the Chi Square Analysis at Research2Systems to evaluate two types of comparisons: tests of goodness of fit and tests of independence.

A test of goodness of fit helps in ascertaining that whether a particular frequency distribution diverges from a theoretical distribution or not. A test of independence helps in ascertaining whether paired observations on two variables are independent of each other or not.

Chi Square Analysis is applied to construct a predictive model, centered on a classification method. In such testing there are usually two kinds of random variables that are used and which generate two sorts of data: numerical and categorical.

When we employ this analytical technique for your company, we aim to examine whether the distributions of categorical variables vary from one another or not. By and large, the categorical variables produce data in the form of categories and the numerical variables yield data in the numerical form. 

It is through this technique only that you end up with insightful solutions for your business corporation. Hence, outsourcing this technique to a company that is adroit in preforming it successfully is highly advantageous for you.

When we do this analysis for you, we meticulously compare the scores or counts of categorical responses between two or more than two independent groups, giving you the niceties that you require to succeed in your specific business arena.

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