Data Analytics

Data Quality & Management

At Research2Systems, Data Quality & Management is implemented at the top tiers. There is no step in our entire operations that is not substantiated through our in-house quality check team. The quality management team here works on tools like SQL, SAS, SPSS, etc. to deliver immaculate and absolutely perfect solutions.

It would be right to assert that our team has momentous experience in quality checking of the big data. It conducts and organizes a thoroughgoing Quality Audit process utilizing the latest methods. With these offerings we make sure that not even a single error is experienced at any of our stages.  

Assuring 100% accuracy in everything that we do is our motto. This is the driving force which pervades in our entire organization and is evident with the results that we deliver to our clients. At Research2Systems, Data Quality & Management is ensured through the following:

Rationality Testing:

The rationality and prudence that is included in all the reports, at Research2Systems, is corroborated at its core. We route the reports amidst several logic & rationality verification squads prior to a concluding laborious check.

Unfounded Responses

Unfounded Responses are the next set of responses that go through the quality check. These are those responses that are utterly differing from the questions asked in the questionnaire. Such replies are not included in the results, as they obstruct realism and pragmatism.

Verbatim Cleaning

Verbatim Cleaning consists of excluding the verbatim responses that are unnecessary and are not in accord with the questions asked. This is performed to confirm that whatsoever results that are attained in the end are completely proper and are grounded on the most concrete verbatim. This results in nothing but the most efficient conclusions at the end of the day.

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