Data Analytics

Verbatim Analysis

With our verbatim analysis offerings we give you insightful solutions based on the surveys that are taken for your company’s requirements. There is no denying that the process of verbatim analysis demands the efficient evaluation of response texts to facilitate decision making and to reach to the depth of a problem in an excellent manner.

At Research2Systems, our team of mavens makes sure that be it any language in which you need to decipher the responses, the right actionable strategies for your company will be justly available with our multi-language open end coding solutions.

We understand that verbatim responses offer scores of significant information that may otherwise not be accessible via close ended responses. It is due to this understanding of ours that we follow an efficient approach to get into the depth of the responses.

Our expert coders first understand the research objectives, document the plan, build the code frame and then move forward with the final coding. The code frame that is developed by our pros is shared with our client before moving forth with the final coding.

Research2Systems follows a planned and systematic process for Open end coding or Verbatim Coding that assists in transferring raw data to intelligent data and requires the application of an integrated process. The data that is collected is made available and stored in diverse database formats like Excel, Access, ASCII, .dat etc.

Our offerings in the field of Verbatim Analysis include:

  • Coding of verbatim's using prevailing code frames
  • Creating fresh code frames keeping the client’s requirements in view
  • Providing the solutions in an intelligible & lucid format

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