Advanced Analytics

Analysis of Variance

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is an excellent statistical technique that is more often applied to find out the variances among groups or business units. At Research2Systems, we employ this method to a variety of projects based on the necessities of our clients. It is highly beneficial to extract even more vital information out of the big data. 

The technique is extremely helpful in cases when it is essential to assess the performance variances. Besides this, it is highly functional while conducting customer satisfaction surveys as it assists in detecting significant dissimilarities between means or amid two groups.

At Research2Systems, this technique is normally used to manipulate certain variables, and discern the changes that this manipulation causes in other variables. Giving you the right and the most helpful power of analytics, this technique helps in determining the effect that a change in any marketing-mix variable brings out as a whole. Such variables can be price, promotional techniques, distribution patterns, and the rest.

If it becomes evident that the change has definitely led to a significant effect, then the specific means are compared and the exact stages that are leading to a noteworthy modification in the dependent variables are determined.

We design explicit and customized ANOVA solutions for our clients that help them in deciding about the right fit of strategies and approaches pertaining to marketing, advertising or promoting their offerings. Outscoring this service to Research2Systems is definitely going to benefit your business in the long run. 

Contact us today and find out how ANOVA can assist your business to reach to the apex.