Our Management Team

Sadhavi Dalal

Sadhavi Dalal

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Sadhavi is Research2Systems visionary leader. She had a vision for how the right research and Big Data services can actually add value to the world of business intelligence. To give wings to this vision, Research2Systems was established in 2012, and since then it has come a long way under the supervision & executive leadership of Sadhavi.

As the Founder of Research2Systems, Sadhavi oversees the entire organization and ensures top quality and absolute adherence to standards in every project that Research2Systems takes in hand.

In her role as the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Sadhavi successfully manages & administers all the tasks related to Global Enterprise Strategy Development and Execution. She also possesses great knowledge in the realms like Market Messaging, Competitive Analysis and Strategies, Services/Solutions, Alliance Marketing, and Business Development.

Sadhavi has a proven track record of more than 12 years in the industry, and has gained wide ranging expertise in areas like Marketing Process Re-engineering, Global Campaign Management, Marketing Analytics and Operations & Strategic Communications.

Prior to founding the company, Sadhavi worked with various internationally acclaimed companies like b3Intelligence, Health-Soft, Vee Technologies, & MicroWorld Technologies. Sadhavi possesses a blend of expertise with her strong background in marketing, advertising, and sociology, which guides Research2Systems successfully. She is a graduate in Arts (Sociology Honours) and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Marketing and Advertising) from Punjab University. She is extending her proficiency in Marketing Management with a Ph.D program. Sadhavi has lived & worked in the USA for over 4 years – successfully broadening her level of expertise and understanding of the US culture and style of working.

Sadhavi has also travelled extensively on many business assignments to destinations throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, as well as to some of the leading countries in the Asia Pacific region. Her international living experience has provided her a perceived awareness of working & managing multi-cultural teams, that too in a proficient manner.